The current US presidential election campaign marks the beginning of a new era in global geopolitics, the era of information driven politics, 'Infopolitics' for lack of a better term.

We now know that the US news media has engaged in deliberate manipulation of news and information to support the Leftist agenda, and not just the US news media.  For 61 years or more the US media has been acting to diminish right-wing influence, enhance left-wing influence, and drive public policy towards a Leftist, collectivist/socialist agenda.  And they have been successful largely because they have done so without being exposed.  This has been met with a global media alignment that has successfully implemented this agenda in Europe, with political and economic results now visible to all.  This visibility is key, and will be explored shortly in this post.

In the US, this agenda has grown from government expansion to the expansion of new civil rights, other diminished civil rights, demonization of opponents and institutions, and finally the manipulation of all media, information, and as we can now understand, elections. The Left in the US has successfully subverted the government to their purposes, especially the judiciary.  

The Republican Party has been outmaneuvered, outgunned, and finally co-opted when they literally (as in actually) conspired with the Democratic Party to quash the Tea Party rebellion.  The result being that the Establishment Republican Party is no longer an opposition party in US politics, but is a willing co-conspirator with the Democratic party, and is so to secure their seats in Congress and perpetuate their power and influence, such as it is.  They will, of course, be consumed by the Leftist political machine, neutered and exposed, and then the GOP will disband, having been shown to be complicit in the rapid domination of the Left in the US, for their own gain, and there will be no organized opposition, not even the ineffective token opposition we see now.

But this is a new era globally.  'Social media' is nearly ubiquitous, even those without a smartphone know someone who has one.  And this is critical, for it is rapidly (already?) overwhelming traditional media, making anyone a journalist, distributing information on very event, and exposing the truth of events which states, and their accomplices the 'media', have previously been able to suppress.  Examples:

- Germany's tragic New Years' Eve rapes, now known to be even more widespread than previously shown, and the campaign to suppress the knowledge of these events;

- Police killings in the US, both those where the police appear to be entirely at fault, and also exposing the truth of those killings that are justifiable;

- Disclosures of conspiracies to defraud voters in the US by spreading misinformation, actual election fraud, and 'dirty tricks' of all sorts;

- Global violence by Islamist Extremists, some of it truly horrific.

The US Republican Presidential primary campaign started with more than a dozen candidates, some credible, some not so much. Debates illustrated their differences, and ultimately winnowed out the pretenders.  

Enter Trump.

Donald Trump never engaged in a conventional political campaign.  His was a campaign of rally after rally, engaging the media on his terms, a virtually continuous cycle of rally/news conference/public statement/rally.  No rinse, repeat.  He made the most outrageous statements about policy, his opponents both Republican and Democratic, the media itself, other leaders, even himself.  The media couldn't help but take the bait, giving him airtime in the beginning wholly out of proportion to his standing.  He continued the campaign despite the pundits proclaiming it to be dysfunctional, ineffective, and failing.  

The final blow to conventional politics was his statements regarding Ted Cruz' father and Lee Harvey Oswald appearing together in a photograph. Cruz, recognizing that truth was no longer useful in the campaign, abandoned his own and quietly exited the process. He had even persisted in his campaign despite Republican leaders literally (as in actually) calling him 'Satan Incarnate', stating they would refuse to work with him as President. This, sadly, is the final exhibit in the Conservative movement's destruction, not because of the candidate, not their principles, but because the GOP is entirely co-opted by the Left.  The GOP has no stomach for the fight, is convinced they cannot win, and has noted earlier has effectively joined the Left to secure their positions and (temporarily) influence.  The GOPe seems to believe they can literally (as in actually) fool voters into re-electing them indefinitely. And they may be right, if Trump fails.

Post-politics morphing into social media non-politics. Trump's victory now becoming possible even to conventional politicians and their advisers and supporters.

And then the Democrats.

Hillary Clinton's ill advised, incompetent, and ultimately disastrous (for the US) choice to use her own private email system for official State Department communication was finally and fully exposed by FBI Director James Comey, who then declined to refer the case to the Justice Department for prosecution. He rightly refused to do so, only because he did not wish to see the FBI accused of manipulating the election. The supposedly secret, 'accidentally' exposed meeting between Bill Clinton and US Attorney General Loretta Lynch resulted in her recusing herself from deciding whether to actually pursue charges against Hillary, Seemingly leaving it in Comey's hands. A special prosecutor would only delay the process beyond the election, and no one believes a president-elect could be prosecuted without a Constitutional crisis being invoked. And no one, especially Trump constituents, doubts that President Obama would pardon her on the way out the door. In fact, most believe he will do so despite her not even being charged.  Ask them. the man on the street knows all this now, thanks to social media and Trump's harping in Hillary's legal problems.  

We also now know that the DNC cannot secure its email systems from compromise, and these emails seems to show a coordinated effort to derail Bernie Sanders' candidacy. there is even evidence of ballot fraud.  Voicemails have been disclosed possibly showing that Democrats, in private, sound just like they claim Republicans do. It is too early to discern he real effect of these disclosures, but it cannot be positive for Hillary.  And it is the result of social media, cybersecurity failures, and the rise of the non-organizational journalist.

In this era, there are few if any secrets. Political machinations can be exposed by anyone.  As Trump is demonstrating, if you intend to manipulate public opinion, you may want to consider doing so openly, publicly. Being caught doing so is counterproductive if your constituency is at all honest and open to debate.  For the Democrats, we will see if their constituencies are either soon enough, for it seems a reasonable US voter can no longer trust them.  Their only salvation is that they are entirely dependent on Leftist policies being implemented, and cannot even accept abstaining.

And in this post-political, infopolitics era, truth may not be important enough to influence voters.

If truth is not enough, then what is?