Deflategate will not go away.  And neither will my questions.

0. No one wants to talk about the 'ball that started it all' being on the other team's sidelines.... For quite a bit. And 11 of 12 Patriots balls were 'significantly underinflated', though we don't know what that actually means. Unless you believe SI.

1. This was an equipment violation.  Goodell made it into an 'integrity of the game' issue. The Player's Association believes this is improper, and so do the Patriots. Expect this to come up in the next CBA negotiations.

2. Goodell should not be arbiter, appealer, and judge. He overstepped his proper role. Sooner or later this will become obvious to all involved.  Maybe an appeals judge?

3. Virtually every team involved has had complaints against the Patriots.  This is their opportunity to get revenge, and so far so good. But that taints the whole affair.

4. And from the beginning, remember, one team talked to another, and together they managed to conspire to 'catch' the Patriots in this mess.  Point #0 above came after the Ravens spoke to the Colts. But both those teams deny it.