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Written by Rick Blake   
Wednesday, 02 June 2010 22:41

CyberNexus.  Originally the name meant something,  Cyber; electronic, computer related. From the Greek word Kubernetes meaning Steersman.  Nexus; from the Latin for connection, center.  An electronic connection place.

CyberNexus.  A connecting place.

Our goal is to encourage respectful, thoughful discussion of current events and our world.  We here at CyberNexus approach these issues from a Christian worldview, but mindful that much of the rest of the world doesn't share that viewpoint. 

That doesn't mean we won't provide some apologetics, or evangelizing, and a lot of articles will not even mention Christ's name.  We will be writing sometimes about earthly issues and not making specific references to God and His Son.  Ok?

We'll offer selections of news and other information as we see fit.  Ok, so this is our site.  Your input and contributions have a place here - this is not a one-way conversation we're having.  We value you greatly, and we're hoping you will come back again and again.  And no, this is not a link farm.  We will choose the links we offer the old-fashioned way, by hand...

For now, CyberNexus is just a 'hobby', though a hobby with a purpose.  If we start commercializing it in any way, be assured we will not:

- exploit your personal information.

- sell your information to marketers.

- offer commercial or marketing content as if it was not.  I really hate that.

If for any reason we change any of these policies, you will be asked to 'opt-in', or choose to be included.  We'll have more on this, and formal policy, as soon as we can cross the 't's and dot the 'i's.  For now, our policy is to not disclose your information unless required to by law.

This is the beginning of the beginning.  Stay tuned!

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Are you going to go see Atlas Shrugged? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Rick Blake   
Friday, 22 April 2011 14:27


Word is the critics hate it, the audiences love it, and it is making good money at the few theatres it is being shown at. This weekend it is supposed to be going up on a lot more screens.

And I haven't yet read the book. I know, what kinda Conservative am I?

Last Updated on Friday, 28 October 2011 22:26
Live! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Rick Blake   
Thursday, 27 October 2011 07:16

And in the spirit of getting caught up, the 'new' CyberNexus is live!

If you've been here before, good, welcome back! For those who saw CyberNexus in the old form, stuck in the 90s, well, finally I updated and got something more interesting - I hope.

If some files are missing, email me and I will repost them where they need to be.

And yes, please register if you wish. For the beginning, you can count on being accepted pretty much without question. Be warned, though, that bad behavior here will not be punished. The perpetrator will, however, be limited more and more. Let's be civil, ok?

Come on in!

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The History of CyberNexus PDF Print E-mail
Written by Rick Blake   
Saturday, 29 May 2010 10:53

CyberNexus was founded in 1996 as a small, customer-focused, dialup Internet Service Provider in Biddeford, Maine.  At that time, dialup was about all there was for local Internet service.  With a few incoming lines, a stack of modems, and a 56K line to another provider, it met the minimal needs of Internet users back then.  The WorldWide Web was just getting started, and we mostly were chatting and emailing, and looking stuff up just with WebCrawler because we could.  Even ads and Flash movies were in the future.

I found CyberNexus through a flyer in a laundromat.  Talking with the owner, he told me that he had built CyberNexus on Linux, a new operating system I had just discovered through a book, The Internet CD, by Vivian Veou.  Wow, synergy already!  I used it mostly to access AOL without paying for a toll call to Portland...  and that new thing called the World-Wide Web, and email too.

When my employer at the time, WordWrap Service Corp, was exploring offering Internet services, we approached the owner of CyberNexus, and he came on board to build and administer our system and develop business.  Now CyberNexus offered two dozen incoming modem lines, ISDN and T-1 connections for clients, service in two Southern Maine cities, VPN services, and even a Usenet feed.  I was being tasked with providing off hours and emergency support, and learning the ins and outs of Linux. 

Over time, it became apparent that competitors had the advantage, and WordWrap discontinued their Internet business.  I took over CyberNexus, but didn't do much besides maintain e-mail and some minimal web hosting, which we don't do now.  CyberNexus has always been hosted on a Linux box, usually Red Hat or Fedora distributions.  Recently it moved to a virtual hosting solution under a Debian release, the first time Cybernexus was running on a machine it shared with anything else.  Hard to let go, but...

And it was time to develop this web site...  Long overdue, actually.  Stay tuned.  Much is happening!.

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Has it been that long? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Rick Blake   
Tuesday, 18 October 2011 16:50

It's been six months since I wrote anything here?  On my.  That's not growing any community.

So, warning given, these are the topics that I find interesting or important:

- Why Herman Cain can't be elected President.  He can't, sadly, and there is just one reason why.  No, it's not that one either.

- Just how damaged is the United States? 

- How I intend to stimulate the economy, singlehandedly.

- And why I am not an athlete, despite my efforts to become one.

In the meantime, consider actually signing up here.  This is about to grow from the future CyberNexus to the new, improved (?), and only CyberNexus.  You're welcome here!

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